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• Vincent Arroyo Winery

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One of the reasons that we launched WineryWiz was to share our local knowledge of wineries that offer fantastic tasting experiences (and wines) but are relatively unknown. We're often asked by friends for suggestions for their next trip to Napa and here are three of our current favorites.


You'll enjoy the venue, the hosts and the wines.

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Local Knowledge Wine-Tasting Tour - Map

4.5 miles

Suggested time - 3 1/2 hours

By using this site, you expressly acknowledge that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and unlawful and you hold Winery Wiz, LLC harmless while following any of the wine-tasting tours suggested.

And remember, if you're good to your hosts at the wineries, they'll be good to you :)

Where to Taste Wine in Napa!

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